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Have you got a problem with your car lock in Christchurch?

Superior security, from a car lock to door lock, is an important part of your personal safekeeping. It also happens to be our business model; better security for you in Christchurch. Customers who use our services will confirm that our service is professional, fast and that our locksmiths are great time keepers.

Security Installation Service offers full security lock services across Christchurch and can even guide you in your decision when it comes to purchasing your next lock.


We have constantly tried to meet our client’s demands with solutions which mark us for our meticulous approach, customer focus and cost effectiveness. Over the last 23 years we have improved these standards to stay ahead of our competitors and offer the best service whether it’s a new car lock or complete master and security key systems in Christchurch.


Our team have a friendly approach to problem solving in Christchurch. We will take the time to listen to what you need and tailor our service to your exact requirements so you waste no time in getting the end result you want, whether it’s a new car lock or emergency call out service.


At Security Installation Service, we have a dedicated team of trained full time staff that have years of experience in handling tricky locks. As a company we also understand the importance of training, which is why we provide all of our staff with ongoing education in new locks and security.
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